See You Next Year West Coast!

4 Highlights From Campout 2017

October 11th, 2017

We danced, we dodged, we dreamed.

This year’s Campout was surely something special. Watching our community come together in the name of fun, family and of course, freakin’ house music, is what keeps us going. Shoutout to everyone who came out and danced with us!

Here are four highlights from Dirtybird Campout that we’ll be thinking about well into the next year…

The Campers

We’ve been blown away by camper costumes and props at the past 2 Campouts, but WOW did you exceed our expectations again this time around! A few of the best things we saw were a matching totem & bike set featuring a Nar-Will Clarke, a group of grannies gone wild, two inflatable light up chicken egg suits, and the totem pictured above that is the Dirtybird logo animation—so creative! Thank you for letting your freak flags fly high at Campout, we love it!

The Activities

With more games and activities on this year’s lineup then ever before, and more campers to participate in them, the Games Field, Dugout, Craftopia and Bunkhouse were almost always filled to the brim with campers! A few of our personal activity highlights were: the Thursday night PJ Karaoke Party, lap dancing for our lives so intensely that multiple chairs broke, a gator coming out to play at the Animal Encounter, shenanigans at the Beatboxing Competition and of course CVS breakin’ a sweat in almost every single game we had on the schedule. What a trooper.

The Music

This one’s no secret—our lineup was a concoction of Dirtybird favorites mixed with an eclectic array of artists from almost every genre of dance music which made for a feast of delicious beats for the most magical weekend of 2017.  Some of the sets were heard campers buzzing about were: Walker & Royce, the Desert Hearts, Soulection & Mija Takeovers, Madlib’s Surprise DJ Set, and of course The Family Set. But really…EVERYONE killed it.

The Community

After the big venue change this year, it felt so good to come to camp and be surrounded by so many positive super campers! The Dirtybird community is known far and wide for being some of the most fun-loving fans and that energy is truly spectacular to be around. Shoutout to everyone in our family – we can’t wait to bring our camptastic vibe to the East Coast early next year!