See You Next Year West Coast!

Meet The Crews & Characters of Campout!

September 21st, 2017

Grand Artique

About The Crew: The Grand Artique is a group of artists, producers, builders, event coordinators, set designers, musicians, and romp lovers. Having traveled throughout California and parts of the country, creating and installing fully immersive interactive art installations they transport participants to another time and place. With a curated attention to detail, exuberant personalities and welcoming environments, The Grand Artique’s interactive installations are favorite destinations at any event.

Their Campout Offering: The Grand Artique joining forces with us at Dirtybird Campout for the third year running. They will once again be erecting The Birdhouse, the largest stage at camp. Along with The Birdhouse, they’ll be bringing out a cast of characters dressed in their tip top camp counselor regalia, marching through the Campout, ready to assist! Catch these counselor clowns hosting the ever-popular Great American Talent Show as well as in the trenches of fun, refereeing the color team games! Saddle up campers, this is sure to be a rollicking good time!


About The Crew: BrainScratch is a group of eclectic scientists who have shared their excitement and passions about systems science and sustainability with audiences at Lightning in a Bottle, Desert Hearts, and Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland. Our scientists have expertise spanning environmental science, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, systems theory and more.

Their Campout Offering: As any good camp counselor knows, no summer camping experience is complete without the time-honored tradition of getting a little nerdy. This year at Dirtybird Campout a team of house-bumping scientists will be hosting a themed section of the camp, the Science LaB, focused on fun and engaging installations, demonstrations, and presentations that demonstrate interconnectedness and complexity in nature. Get ready to grab your test tubes, dirty house beats, and some science experiments and experience the immersive educational Science LaB at Dirtybird Campout! Learn more by visiting their website.

Give A Beat Jenga

About The Crew: Give a Beat is a social justice organization that bridges the dance music community with youth and families impacted by incarceration. Give a Beat aims to disrupt the school to prison pipeline through enriching music and mentoring programs. There are plenty of opportunities for DJs, music professionals, and any lover of dance music culture to get involved. Learn more on their website.

Their Campout Offering: Who doesn’t love a good game of giant Jenga? We had it last year inside the Treefort Taproom, and we’re bringing the classic game back again with a twist—playing games for change! Leading up to Campout, artists from the lineup are signing up on the Give a Beat Jenga website, registering their teams, and then asking fans and friends to sponsor teams by donating HERE! The games take place on Saturday between 2PM and 6PM. So far we have these confirmed artists participating…

Claude VonStroke
Christian Martin
Cut Snake
DJ E-Clyps
Walker & Royce
Will Clarke
Wood Holly

Check out the schedule as its filled in HERE.

Zach Dragovich

About The Character: From his beginnings as a volunteer at LIB over eight years ago, to now being asked to take on his own project this year at Campout, Zach Dragovich has made quite the name for himself in the festival community. He spent the past 3 years as one of the anchors of The Imagine Nation, a production design company who participated in building Campout with us since 2015. Beyond helping with the build at previous Campouts, they traveled the country building some of the biggest stages & some of the most memorable immersive experiences at some of the biggest festivals in the industry.

His Campout Offering:  As the designer & build lead of this year’s NEW Bass Lodge stage, Zach plans to incorporate a modular design that will be fabricated pre-event, and built to be a reusable stage package for future events. He’s bringing in a top-notch team for this project and will be using their skills and resources to ensure the utmost quality is delivered. The new Bass Lodge stage will be reminiscent of the previous year’s Late Night Lodge cabin look & feel, with a fresher design, a more sturdy backbone, and attention to aesthetic detail.

W.C. Thornton

About The Character: W.C. Thornton is a designer, producer, and showman who has been creating interactive environments, performance stages and live shows with his friends and associates for the last 7 years. Whether it be a highly immersive attention to detail or a spur of the moment happening, W.C. gets a merit badge for participation for giving his all to everything he does. He has served as Production Designer and Partner of Grand Artique Productions for the last six years and has designed The Grand Artique Stage at Lightning in a Bottle, The Trading Post at Electric Forest and The Birdhouse Stage at Campout.

His Campout Offering: W.C. has been tasked with creating and building this year’s Bunkhouse, which is going to be the biggest ever! He’s adding more bunks for you campers and growing the area to include a very special Club House. Along with the making of the space, he will also be bringing a special interactive offering to the Bunkhouse Stage called Letters From Home. Get ready to want to spend all of your time there, but don’t forget to explore too!

Great Bingo Revival

About The Crew & Their Campout Offering: Great Bingo Revival is a far-out interactive 1970’s-themed game show harkening back to the time when sunglasses were big, your clothes were groovy and your morals loose. Featuring a multi-genre soundtrack with a live DJ, outta-sight prizes, the swellest dancers and of course—BINGO! The world’s premier bingo caller, the Reverend Rusty Reams, hosts this raucous game with special guests Dr Bingo, Miss Bingo and the BinGO-GO dancers. The Great Bingo Revival will be the funniest, weirdest, most debaucherous late night bingo game you’ve ever played! Bingo cards and blotters provided. Just bring your vibes, man!