See You Next Year West Coast!

NEW Happenings at Dirtybird Campout!

October 3rd, 2017

Time to highlight what’s new at camp out this year! Read through and make your plan to get in on the fun! See the full Games, Activities and Bunkhouse schedules HERE!

Thursday Pajama Party during Karaoke at the Camp-A-Theatre

Early Arrivers, pack your best PJ’s and start warming up those vocal cords because you’re cordially invited to Campout’s Late Night Pajama Karaoke Party happening Thursday. Flannel sets, onesies, robes and stuffed animals are all encouraged. Have your song choice ready and meet us at the Camp-A-Theatre 10pm to 1am.

Tour de Dance Costume Bike Race

If you’re bringing your bike along, don’t miss out on your chance to participate in Dirtybird Campout’s 1st Annual Tour de Dance Race! This ain’t no spin class at your local studio, it’s a ride out in the wild! Grab your bike, bling it out, pair it with a wild costume and mount up! Get ready to travel through a grand, scenic journey all over the campgrounds, with a few surprises along the way! Register HERE.

Brainscratch Science LaB

As any good camp counselor knows, no summer camping experience is complete without the time-honored tradition of getting a little nerdy. This year at Dirtybird Campout a team of house-bumping scientists will be hosting a themed section of the camp, the Science LaB, focused on fun and engaging installations, demonstrations, and presentations that demonstrate interconnectedness and complexity in nature. Get ready to grab your test tubes, dirty house beats, and some science experiments and experience the immersive educational Science LaB at Dirtybird Campout! Learn more by visiting their website.

Bike Decorating and Totem Crafting

Get crafty campers with two of the coolest workshops going down this year at camp! FRIDAY only 12-5pm inside Craftopia we’ll have a Bike Deocrating Workshop where you can come down and pimp your ride. All weekend long during open craft hours at Craftopia, design and assemble a kickass totem for your crew!

Scavenger Hunt

This is an old favorite, but you know that there will be new twist and turns with the new location! Grab your squad and do a few things that you never thought you’d do!

How to Play
The Scavenger Hunt has over 100 items to accomplish including items to be found or tasks to be completed and documented with video or photos. Each task is designated a certain amount of points. The team that has the most points in the end WINS.

Scavenger Hunt Registration
When: Friday from 12pm to 7pm
Where: Games HQ

Team Size: 2-5 people (no more than 5 people per team)

Scavenger Hunt starts as soon as registration opens. Scoring will start at 2PM on Sunday and you will have until 4PM to turn in everything. We will announce the winners afterward.

1st place – Winning team members will each win a pass to Campout 2018
2nd place- Tickets to DB BBQ in the city of their choice
3rd Place-is a sweet bag of Do LaB and Dirtybird Schwag

Bobbing for Apples

If you have a good grip, come show us your chops at the Bobbing for Apples Contest. This will be an exhilarating scene to see who can get the most apples. Don’t be afraid to dive in!

Pie Eating Contest

For the hungry campers!  Pie lovers rejoice… we’re coming at you with a classic grub down on some of the most delicious pies in the west. Be sure you prep your stomachs and tastebuds for this one. And if eating pie isn’t your thing, this is guaranteed to be one of the funniest happenings at Campout, so come watch!