See You Next Year West Coast!

Interview with Head Counselor VonStroke

October 17th, 2017

Thank you all for another amazing year of Campout! Here are some closing thoughts from your Head Counselor Claude VonStroke…

This year, Dirtybird Campout found its new home in Bradley, California. How do you think this new venue enhanced your and the attendees’ experience?

In my opinion, the camping situation was much nicer. There are trade-offs, of course, because the hike was longer to the dance floor, but I went to the campgrounds about 5 times and I noticed the general attitude was that they were way better than last year. I think having a bit more space let us get some breathing room at the event as well. For example, we were able to have two stages of music instead of one stage at a time. More music equals more fun!

This year Dirtybird Campout introduced a new stage and a new sound. How was the overall experience?

It was so amazing. It was always my dream to have a bass music stage and a house stage. We have been building to that for the last two years and we finally got there this year. The vibes at the Bass Lodge were on an all-time high and the crowd at the Birdhouse stage was so hyped the entire time. It was really special.

Are you thinking of adding more stages for Dirtybird Campout 2018?

No, I think we are able to cover all the music we represent on two stages. Also, I don’t think we want to go much higher on the capacity of the event just so we can keep it super special. We do technically have a third stage by the way… it’s called The Bunkhouse and it had some of the funniest and most memorable moments of the entire festival this year.

What did you enjoy most about this year’s Dirtybird Campout?

Late Night Bingo was incredible. But mostly I love seeing all my DJ friends all together in one place having a blast together. There isn’t another place on earth where everyone who fucks with Dirtybird can get together all at once and just go for it.

As a tradition, Counselor Claude wears his iconic Eagle Scout uniform every year. Did you add anything new to your festival outfit this year?

I’m always adding new patches every year and I had a new long-sleeve and a new blue shirt this year. But the original counselor shirt is still intact!

We’ve heard that you were training prior to the festival. What kind of workouts do you recommend attendees do to prepare for a full day and night of activities and music?

Since I go to all the activities and all the DJ sets, I have a particularly strenuous schedule at Campout. So I jog every other day and do a little circuit training session on the off days. If I didn’t do this I would never survive it.

Dirtybird Campout East Coast was announced during DBC weekend. What should we expect from it?

It’s like West Coast with a machete. All green jungle. The line-up is the best one ever. We also are expecting more of an East Coast crowd but we really don’t know what that will mean for the festival yet. We shall see!

As a long time Dirtybird Campout veteran, what is your go-to, must-pack items?

Some sort of light, baby wipes, water and some snacks.

What was the biggest challenge facing this year’s festival?

Moving locations was probably the most painful thing we had to do. Our old spot was very special but it is no longer possible to do events there so we all had to adjust. The new spot was way more expensive but I think it worked out great.