See You Next Year West Coast!

Worthy’s Counselor Essentials

September 28th, 2017

We’re asking your favorite Campout Counselors to weigh in on their Packing Essentials. Whether you’re a type-A packing planner or a last minute controlled chaos storm – Counselor Worthy’s Essentials are for sure all must haves!

My Counselor Hat

My counselor outfit is not complete without my hat that I have been wearing for the last two years. I live in it at campout and it protects me from the sun during the hot daytime hours when I am coming to the rescue of lost and dreary campers.

Funky Patches to Reward to Campers

Exchanging patches with friends and strangers is an awesome part of the campout. There is nothing better than running into someone you love or an enthusiastic fan and hooking them up with a patch. And I love getting them too. Over the years I have collected some really cool ones that make me happy every time I look at them, because they are mementos from various experiences I have had with people at the campout.

Wacky Sunglasses (at least 3 pairs since I always lose them once I get faded)

You always need a couple of pairs of sunglasses for any festival. With the running around, head banging, and rough housing that occurs, you are bound to lose a pair at some point or just not misplace them in your tent or RV. And particularly after a late night or an allnighter, no one wants to be digging around for them, so I always keep a few pairs right by the door to be safe.

My Headphones & USBs

Duh. Most important for me is my headphones and my USBs with those fresh new jams to drop on all of my campers. I know this seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many DJs seem to misplace either or both of these over the course of a wild campout or festival. And hey campers, if you ever find someones gear, be a good buddy and bring it to the lost and found. You will have a DJ friend for life!